What & Why?

Touch and Be Touched

What is a Cuddle Workshop?

A Cuddle Workshop is a workshop focused on giving and receiving loving touch. Most people like to cuddle but don’t do it as much as they’d like to. Other people find cuddling to be a bit scary. The solution is provided by this workshop, which creates an environment where people feel completely safe to cuddle with each other. Both during as well as after a cuddle workshop we refrain from any sexuality. Our experience shows that people feel even more relaxed because they know that there aren’t any expectations.

When at a cuddle workshop, we cuddle. That seems quite obvious to us:). But cuddling is not the only thing happening during a Cuddle Workshop. We provide exercises to get in touch with yourself and with others. This could be in the form of a meditation, by dancing alone or together, by playing, by meeting each other, there are many ways and each workshop is different. You decide how intense the evening will be. Some people love it and dive deep into it, to experience the workshop from cloud nine. Others may find it scary and take it a bit easier. Both approaches are fine.

During a workshop there is ample room to lovingly touch and to be touched. First off, we start with a moment to get back to our senses and leave all the everyday stress behind us. From there we will use exercises to get into touch with ourselves and with others. By caressing each other’s hands for example. If you don’t want to do anything you don’t have to. We usually end in a puppy pile, with everybody laying under and over each other. You decide how much contact you want, by laying in the middle or at the sides.

Each Cuddle Workshop is different. The structure is always the same, but the exercises are different for each workshop. Sometimes the emphasis is on dancing, on meeting, on letting go of thoughts by being blindfolded. Every workshop, we try to find the right balance of exercises fitting the moment and the group. The group is different every time as well. Most of the attendees are kind hearted and open to others. The atmosphere during the workshop is warm-hearted, it is not a problem if you don’t know anybody, as this will quickly change.

Why Cuddling?

Cuddling will make us feel better and happier. How does that work? People are social creatures. We are capable of doing many things alone, but in order to feel good we also need others around us. Others to hold, others to tickle, to caress, or just to lie next to. Cuddling produces hormones which makes us feel good. The most important one of those is oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddling hormone’.

Oxytocin makes us behave more socially, makes us feel better, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and enhances digestion. Many people live lives full of stress. Cuddling can be a good way to lower that stress. The production of oxytocin also enhances the production of other substances like serotonin, aka the ‘happiness hormone’.    

Cuddling means to lovingly touch and to be touched. This can be done with a hug, but also by caressing each other, by lying next to each other, or in many other ways. Basically, cuddling is a non-sexual act which can be done by anybody, inside and outside a relationship. Everybody loves cuddling, even though sometimes some walls need to be torn down. What is perceived as enjoyable is different for everybody and that’s why coordination is so important.

By cuddling you will improve the connections with the people around you and you will feel more unity. Many people think cuddling is scary, which prevents them from doing it as often as they’d like. A Cuddle Workshop may help to bridge the gap and to learn to become more relaxed while cuddling. Do you have questions? Have a look at the FAQ section.

Would you like to experience the pleasant feeling of cuddling yourself? That’s great! See our calendar for the upcoming Cuddle Workshops and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with upcoming events.


By having rules, we are creating a safe setting for our Cuddle Workshops. Read them before going to any Cuddle Workshop.

Be there on time.

The door will close as soon as we start – we’re sorry! This is to ensure a safe, comfortable space where everybody knows what we’re doing and what the rules are.

What to wear?

Something comfortable and soft. Nothing sexy or something that could be painful when lying (next to someone). A pajama is an excellent choice!

What to bring?

There is never any alcohol during a Cuddle Workshop. We will provide water and tea. You are welcome to bring juice and something to share. You can also bring a blanket, pillow or stuffed animal! Other than that, you won’t need anything apart from yourself, regardless of how you feel. Being nervous last minute is something completely normal!

Keep to the rules:

1. Clothing remains on the whole time.

2. No sexual interaction (no kissing, no hands under clothing, no deliberate genital touches).

3. You are not obliged to cuddle someone during a Cuddle Workshop – never.

4. Always ask for permission if you touch someone and wait until you hear a YES.

5. If you want something, you say YES. If you don’t want something, you say NO.

6. If you are not sure, you say NO.

7. You are always allowed to change your mind and express that.

8. You can do the exercises with whomever you want.

9. Respect the agreements you have in your relationship(s) and communicate with your partner.

10. All emotions are welcome.

11. When you need support, ask for help from a Facilitator or Assistant.

12. Confidentiality: only talk about your own experiences outside the Cuddle Workshops. Don’t mention any names or other peoples’ experiences, in order to keep a safe space.