Touch and Be Touched

How do people like our Cuddle Workshops?

“Hello beautiful people, I just wanted to say that I thought your workshop was SO BEAUTIFUL, powerful, flowing and well guided! Just WOW!! Everything felt so good:). Thank you for this beautiful experience and I wish you may bring more of this into the world” – Florien

“I have a good feeling about these Cuddle Workshops. The facilitators are exceptional in creating a safe and warm space. There is plenty of time to contemplate and the workshop framework is crystal clear. I really felt at home and the people I didn’t know soon felt familiar. Truly a great gathering!” – Durk

“These Cuddle Workshops were exactly what I was looking for without even knowing it; I felt really safe and familiar there and experienced how I was able to stay close to myself with my attention in the moment, when I got in contact with someone else” – Sterre

“The Cuddle Workshop was truly nourishing for me. Much emphasis is put on creating a safe and warm space and they very much succeeded in that. At the end of the evening I was full of warmth and love and felt peaceful and content. I’d love to do this more often!”- Evert

“I enjoyed it to the fullest, am thankful to everybody for the love and soft touches I have received. It was so wonderful to lose myself in this in all safety. Didn’t sleep this good in ages! Woke up still lovestruck – and it’s still there.” -Marrit

“The Cuddle Workshop was very special for me! A new experience to open myself in a group, to have contact with one another in a pleasant setting and atmosphere. Professionally supervised by Wilrieke, with obvious experience, knowledge, love and strength. In one evening, I experienced there was room to let go and come to myself!”- Lionel