Touch and Be Touched

By having rules, we are creating a safe setting for our Cuddle Workshops. Read them before going to any Cuddle Workshop.

Be there on time.

The door will close as soon as we start – we’re sorry! This is to ensure a safe, comfortable space where everybody knows what we’re doing and what the rules are.

What to wear?

Something comfortable and soft. Nothing sexy or something that could be painful when lying (next to someone). A pajama is an excellent choice!

What to bring?

There is never any alcohol during a Cuddle Workshop. We will provide water and tea. You are welcome to bring juice and something to share. You can also bring a blanket, pillow or stuffed animal! Other than that, you won’t need anything apart from yourself, regardless of how you feel. Being nervous last minute is something completely normal!

Keep to the rules:

1. Clothing remains on the whole time.

2. No sexual interaction (no kissing, no hands under clothing, no deliberate genital touches).

3. You are not obliged to cuddle someone during a Cuddle Workshop – never.

4. Always ask for permission if you touch someone and wait until you hear a YES.

5. If you want something, you say YES. If you don’t want something, you say NO.

6. If you are not sure, you say NO.

7. You are always allowed to change your mind and express that.

8. You can do the exercises with whomever you want.

9. Respect the agreements you have in your relationship(s) and communicate with your partner.

10. All emotions are welcome.

11. When you need support, ask for help from a Facilitator or Assistant.

12. Confidentiality: only talk about your own experiences outside the Cuddle Workshops. Don’t mention any names or other peoples’ experiences, in order to keep a safe space.